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      A standard chicken raised in one of the big production houses is confined to an area the

size of an oven its entire life. Most "Organic" birds never see the light of day, never feel grass

beneath their feet and never roam free in a pasture. Most chickens are pumped full of

grains that make them so fat that their legs are often unable to support their weight in

order to maximize their meat.  To mitigate this, they are often injected with antibiotics

that sturdy the legs and allow them to survive to six weeks. If you saw the life of these

chickens you'll be convinced to support our local company. Unfortunately, the phrase

organic and free range may not represent what you wanted. Organic simply means  the

chickens' feed contain no unnatural fertilizers or pesticides. However, the chickens still can

be living their lives stacked two-high in a feed house, defecating on one another in a life

of chicken misery in a corporate setting. Most of these big-box chickens are de-beaked,

a process that involves half of the beak of each chicken being chopped off.  We do not

feel this is fair and are committed to providing healthy alternatives to this all too

common practice. Most free range titles mean they are not in a cage but still are stuck

in a warehouse never to eat a blade of grass. 




    Many people are no longer putting up with big box chicken practice and are learning that there is an alternative.  As described above, the labels and stamps such as organic and free range simply cannot be relied upon.  The only way to guarantee healthy food is to know your farmers, understand their inclinations and motivations, and get out to the ranch to see your food in action.

Our centrally located location in Pinellas County puts you within a short drive of your local farm.  We are committed to raising fresh free range chickens.  Thank you for your interest in your one and

only local farm and the counties best



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A family farm in sunny Sarasota, Florida. Our focus is Pasture-Raised, Non-GMO chickens, and turkeys for meat and eggs on fresh grass. All Grass-Fed Beef Comes From Fort McCoy Ranch in North Florida. Use this page to shop our farm products for Thursday & Saturday pick-up locations from South Sarasota to East Lakewood Ranch!