Limited Warranty Policy

Plant / Tree / Purchases:

All Sales Final. You will not get money back if you just want to return an item. There is a 48 hour return policy if you want to do an exchange or credit towards a larger purchase. If you buy a product that you wish to return, you can return the item as long as you have:

1. Proof of purchase AND 2. The product is returned in the condition it was purchased. If you decide to return the item, you will recieve a credit towards a different product including the tax and card fee (if applied). This transaction of credit must take place at the same time of return, no credit or gift card will be given.


Sod Installation:

Sod is charged by the sq. ft and not by the individual yard. If sod sq. footage is short, client will have to pay for more sod for us to complete the job. We will not charge extra for the prep we had to do extra than quoted. Once the sod has been layed, owner is responisible for watering and maintaining lawn including spraying for bugs etc. There is no warrenty on the grass after it is installed. 


If we do make a measuring mistake we do not charge for the added delivery or space that was prepped only for the sod and labor of installation price quoted at the time of the invoice.