Florida Landscaping, Pinellas

$150 Installation
Service Minimum

General Pricing Breakdown:


Labor Formula for Simple Order Installs on top of normal listed price of product:


Delivery + (Product Size labor Cost)(Quantity)


1Gallon: $2.50 More


3Gallon: $5 More


7Gallon: $10 More


15Gallon: $20 More


30Gallon: $50 More


45Gallon: $75 More


Small B&B 10-14Tt: $75

Large B&B 15FT: $100


Cost Varies on the job and pricing is subject to increase by the landscape manager depending on the project.


****Weed Barrier, Rocks Or Thick Root Areas Will Cost More.

Pricing is for a clean dirt application****


Landscape Supply Installation General Rates:
After Delivery Charge 

Mulch: $40 a Cubic Yard

Rock/Shell: $80 a Cubic Yard 

Soil: $80 a Cubic Yard