Aunti Lou Draceana

Aunti Lou Draceana


These colorful foliage plants come in almost endless varieties and provide colors like pink, cream, bronze, lime-green, and red to areas with some shade.

Dracaenas, have the benefit of shapeliness - they fit nicely into narrow spaces - and enough height to set off a tropical garden. 


  • Important Information

    Heights vary by variety but most of these plants are slow growers. 

    Zone 10 is best but in Zone 9B keep them in containers to move inside during cold weather. 

    Bright shade works fine for all, though some can take more sun than others...morning sun, preferably. 

    You often see ti plants doing fine in sunny areas, but they can become brown-edged and raggedy, so give yours afternoon shade.

    Ask at the nursery when you purchase one of these plants what kind of light it prefers.

    Plant in an area protected from wind so the foliage doesn't become shredded and unattractive.