Cat Palm

Cat Palm

Cat palm is a beautiful, fluffy little palm you can grow as an accent, backdrop or short, dense screen.
Part/Shade Palm
Max Height: 6-8Ft
The Cat palm is similar in looks to an areca palm, except the leaf stems are more of a lush green, whereas the arecas are golden yellow in the sun.

The cat palm isn't a tree at all...its a clustering palm with no trunk whatsoever, just a dense clump of stems covered with feathery fronds.

  • Details

    Plant zone 10 or in warmer areas of Zone 9B in a well protected spot.

    These palms need regular watering, though they don't like "wet feet".

    Plant in full sun, a cat palm will require more frequent irrigation than one in the shade.

    Fertilize at least 3 times a year-in Spring, Summer and Autumn-but more (up to once a month) if the palm is in a sunny location.

    Place these palms 3 feet apart for a privacy screen or hedge, depending on the density you want.

    Cats work well in large containers, since their growth rate is slow-just make sure they are watered regularly.