Crape Myrtle Small (Pick Up)

Crape Myrtle Small (Pick Up)


White and then pink grow faster, bloom more and are more hardy than the others.
We can order any color in 3gallon all the way to 30gallon.
15G and 30Gallon prices are for MULTI
A MULTI means there are mutiple Crape Myrtles in the one container.
A STD or standard means it is in a single tree form. These are a little more expensive.
For Pinellas County, Light pink and white are the only colors allowed for permitting purposes.
a 15Gallon size MULTI will be 6FT+ installed and all shafts will add up to be 1.5 in caliper.
If looking for shade sooner than later a 30gallon is the right choice!

We also have access to larger sizes as well.

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    The crape myrtle's are among the most satisfactory of plants for the South: showy summer flowers, attractive bark, and (in many cases) brilliant fall color make them year round garden performers. Gradually remove side branches up to a height of 4-5 ft,: this exposes the handsome bark of the trunk. Tolerates heat, humidity, drought; does well in most soils as long as they are well drained.