Dracaena (TriColor)

In order to have equal level of growth, the best place for dragon trees is a half shaded place, where it can get direct sunlight only in the coldest hours of the day. If indoors, put it in a very bright place, which is protected from the blazing sun. 
Keep the soil damp but avoid excessive watering. Always leave the soil to dry out for several days
The Dragon likes more humid air.
NOTICE: Buy the dragon tree is the Spring because its easier to help it get used to the home conditions without starting to lose its leaves.
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    Dracaena got its name after its red, sticky sap that starts to flow when its trunk is hurt. It is the most beautiful houseplant of the poorly lit homes.
    Not sensitive, it also grows in a place with central heating. it can reach even 100-120 cm in height. It is a woody plant with straight, cylindrical trunk. It is native to Africa.

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