Foxtail Palm Double

Foxtail Palm Double


Typically sold in a single form foxtail palms can also be clumped together for a different look but in general do best as a single trunk. Foxtails are popular for their beautiful trunks and unique frawns resembling a foxes tail. These fast growers, once established, grow over a foot per year to a height of 25-30 foot tall. This palm is loved for being a self cleaning tree. Meaning it sheds its own foliage. They grow best in full sun to partial shade. Thrives well with regular watering in well draining soil and isn't very picky about soil PH. 

  • Helpful Info

    Sun Tolerance: Sun-Part Shade

    Expected Mature Height: 25-30FT (on a multi trunk expect a little less growth speed and overall height)

    Salt Tolerance: High (Salt burn only during major hurricanes next to sea wall)