Gold Dust Croton

Sun Tolerance:  Full Sun to Full Shade
(Best in Part-Shade, Sun = More Yellow)
Expected Mature Height: 2-5Ft
Salt Tolerance: Medium
Drought Tolerance: Medium
Growth Rate: Medium
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    The Croton plants are native to tropic climates, they do best in full and strong sunlight, even in dormant stages.
    Place them against the midday sun heat though.

    Also remember these are tender perennials, which do not tolerate temperature changes or drafts.

    Enjoys high humidity (not less than 7-%)

    This plant needs enough moist and well draining soil, but not overwatering or root rot will develop. If you mist your croton 1-2 times a week, the humidity will keep high.
    Recommended Luke warm water.
    "Eleanor Roosevelt"

    This croton has long green leaves with bright yellow splatters.

    Being native to the tropical climate, crotons are found outdoors only in zones with the warm and mild weather. But don't forget that crotons are wonderful house plants.

    If the edges of the foliage become wilted, it normally means that the species is being overwatered.

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