Indian Hawthorn


Hawthornes will grow in a container, and do well in mobile home planter boxes with good drainage.
It's cold hardy, salt tolerant, and moderately drought tolerant, once established.
In cooler months, you'll notice an occasional bright red or orange leaf. Spring flowers are brief but very showy.
Rugged little Indian Hawthorne is a breeze of a shrub-no green thumb required-that makes it a staple for South Florida landscaping.
Very low maintenance plant and goes almost anywhere and puts up with cold weather and dry conditions.
In Spring it becomes decorated with small white flowers, followed by little blue-black berries that attract birds.


  • Important Information

    Sun Tolerance: Full Sun to Part Shade
    Expected Mature Height: 2-3Ft
    Salt Tolerance: High
    Drought Tolerance: High
    Growth Rate: Slow