Jasmine Minima

Jasmine Minima


This very popular groundcover likes both sun and shade. This species is the hardiest and best priced option .In order for a pristine look, these plants do require routine maintenance-keeping the planting area edged and snipping off an occasional wayward shoot that tries to climb. Makes excellent turf grass replacement for areas where grass doesn't do well, such as under the shade of a tree canopy. After the jasmine is mature, it tends to win the war against weeds. Available in 1 Gallon and 4.5inch pot. Trays in stock year round.

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  • important information

    They are moderate growers that start out slow and then speed up.
    Water on a regular basis but allow time between watering's for the soil to go dry.
    Don't plant in a shaded areas that stays moist.
    Plant spacing: Mass plantings of this Jasmine groundcover will give the best effect. Place 4"pots about a foot apart, 1 gallon pots about 18" apart.

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