Live Oak Tree Installed

Live Oak Tree Installed

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30Gallon size is used for tree replacement code purposes.
The ultimate in trees for shade, the live oak tree has been immortalized as the classic symbol of the south - big and beautiful.

No plant has quite the "presence" of this magnificent tree. It can survive for centuries.

A single live oak can add up to $30,000 value to a property. Also, having one planted near a house can help save it from a hurricane damage by acting as a windbreak. These trees are very wind resistant, evening during hurricanes.

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    Live Oak trees are some of the most commonly planted large shade trees in Florida.

    Sometimes called Southern live oak, it's a wonderful wildlife habitat, though it takes quite a while to begin producing acorns....usually 20 years or more.

    These trees support more than wildlife...they also are home to epiphytes (air plants) besides Spanish moss-things like night blooming cereus abs staghorn fern.

    A live oak is a moderate grower to 60 feet, with a very wide-spreading crown.

    It needs full sun and room to spread its wings, as well as a well drained planting location.

    Oaks are cold hardy, fine in any Florida planting zone. They're considered semi-deciduous, meaning the push out old growth to make way for new...but we would call it evergreen since it never completely or even noticeably gets bare.

    These trees are seldom on premises but can be ordered upon request.