Perennial Peanut

Perennial Peanut


Tired of mowing: The amazingly tough perennial peanut can replace your entire lawn-or parts of it-with beauty and style. The relative of the edible peanut, this plant blankets the earth with flat-as-a-pancake foliage topped with tiny yellow flowers that appear on and off all year.The dense foliage of mature plants will crowd out most weeds.Of all South Florida's low growing groundcovers this one probably takes the least amount of care...and looks fabulous.As a deep border for a garden bed, perennial peanut creates a formal look, and it can also fill in around landscape boulders.Its not necessary to do so but you can mow this plant once it's mature. Set he mower blade 3 or 4 inches, just low enough to nip the top of the plants to encourage new growth and more flowers.Infrequent foot traffic isn't a problem, but for a higher traffic area add stepping stones or a pathway. These groundcover plants are moderate growers that do the best in full to part sun. They'll grow in part shade but the coverage won't be as thick.

  • Important Information

    Sun Tolerance: Full Sun to Part Shade

    Spacing: 18 Inches

    Expected Mature Height: 2 Inches

    Salt Tolerance: Low

    Drought Tolerance: Moderate

    Growth Rate: Fast