Petra Crotons

Petra Crotons


The Petra croton adds bright colors in the garden in the form of long, leathery leaves with splashes of red, orange, pink, yellow and green. Use these evergreen shrubs as hedges, as specimen plants or in shrub borders.

Give "Petra" a little more shade in areas with hot summers to preserve the bright colors.
Left to their own devices a Petra croton can grow to a height of 7-10 feet with a 4-6 foot

It is hardy in zones 9B-11

Select a site with full sun or morning sun and afternoon shade.

Petra needs moist but well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter.

Space the shrubs 4-5 feet apart for hedges and at least 6 feet apart in shrub borders.

Established plants need to be watered 1" a week. Reducing watering in winter to give the plkants a rest period, but don't allow the soil to dry out completely.


  • Important Information

    Sun Tolerance: Full Sun to Full Shade
    (Best in Part-Shade, Sun = More Color)
    Expected Mature Height: 3-5Ft
    Salt Tolerance: Low
    Drought Tolerance: Medium (once established)
    Growth Rate: Medium