Copper Plant

Copper Plant


Copperleaf plants like full sun to part shade-(the more sun, the brighter the leaf color).
These plants are tropical in nature and do best in our zone. They need to stay hydrated before establishment and should be in an area sheltered from the direct wind.
Keep a regular watering schedule for these shrubs. If they stay too dry too long they won't look their best and the resulting stress can invite pests.

Plant 3 feet apart. Come out of the house 2-1/2 to 3 feet. If you're planting along a driveway or walk, come in about 3 or 4 feet.
Copperleaf plants will work fine in a container.One of the prettiest South Florida shrub is the copper plant-or "copperleaf"-with its striking, brightly-colored leaves.
The red is a rusty mix in coppery red with bright pink accents.

  • Important Information

    Sun Tolerance: Full Sun to Part Shade
    Expected Mature Height: 3-8Ft
    Salt Tolerance: Low
    Drought Tolerance: Low-Medium
    Growth Rate / Maintenance: Fast/Higher