Texas Sage

Sun Tolerance:  Full Sun to Part Shade
Expected Mature Height: 3-5Ft
Salt Tolerance: Medium
Drought Tolerance: Medium
Growth Rate: Slow
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    This is a slow-growing shrub that prefers full sun, you keep it 3-5 feet tall.
    These plants are cold hardy, doing well in Zone 9B and southward.
    They're evergreen, moderately salt-tolerant, and drought-tolerant once established.
    Choose a well-drained area or this plant won't survive. Plant it a little on the high side, mounding dirt up to it, to make sure there's good drainage even during our rainy season.
    This shrub does fine in a larger container.Handsome and hardy, Texas Sage is an outstanding South Florida landscape choice with its silvery foliage, purple flowers and drought tolerant nature.
    This is an excellent plant for those areas so dusty and dry nothing wants to grow there.

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