Variegated Jasmine Minima

Variegated Jasmine Minima

Though its most commonly used in formal landscaping, Asiatic jasmine adds a touch of class to a casual landscape and looks very elegant.

Tough and great looking when well cared for,this jasmine rarely flowers but forms a blanket of foliage to set off large plants.

These plants do require routine maintenance-keeping the planting area edged and snipping off an occasional wayward shoot that tries to climb.
Other than that it is a easy-care groundcover, and makes and excellent turf grass replacement.
  • Important Information

    These plants are cold hardy and are moderate growers that start out somewhat slow and then speed up the growth rate as they become established.

    This ground cover takes any kind of light, but seems to do best in part sun to dappled shade.

    Add a mixture of composted cow manure and top soil to the hole when planting.

    You can mow over it once a year or use a weed whacker to trim for a level look, but avoid whacking the tree trunk or base of any plant it surrounds.

    Water on a regular basis but allow time between watering's for the soil to goo dry. Don't plant in a shaded area that stays moist.

    Fertilize 2 times a year-in Spring and late Summer.